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MAGINVESTKA.ONLINE (also known as MIK.O) trades BITCOIN against the U.S Dollar in various Crypto-Currency Exchanges.

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Deposit Min $2 Worth BTC
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Minimum $2 Worth BTC
(Withdrawal will incure charges)

 Bitcoin =

"Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it… he who doesn’t… pays it."

MIK.O is Growing!

3532 active members so far...
188 days old and counting!

The MAGINVESTKA.ONLINE (MIK.O) community is growing at a rapid pace!
We currently have 3532 active members since our operation started just 188 days ago!
We also have a very active community on our official discord server!

Join our official discord server and get real-time support!

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Uplines earn 5% on their first level referrals and 1% on their 2nd level referrals and they get paid instantly!
So when you signup, you'll get a unique referral link that you can use to refer MAGINVESTKA.ONLINE to your family and friends!

Last 10 Deposits

Deposits Time
$1.31 0 min 29 sec ago
$7.14 0 min 52 sec ago
$2.41 2 min 21 sec ago
$4.76 3 min 9 sec ago
$8.47 3 min 11 sec ago
$1.88 4 min 11 sec ago
$103.40 4 min 51 sec ago
$20.37 5 min 7 sec ago
$21.41 5 min 26 sec ago
$1.00 6 min ago

Last 10 Withdrawals

Withdrawals Time
$2.54 0 min 17 sec ago
$4.08 2 min 41 sec ago
$43.00 4 min ago
$46.63 4 min 43 sec ago
$200.00 5 min 10 sec ago
$28.67 8 min ago
$19.84 15 min ago
$13.00 18 min ago
$34.73 18 min ago
$40.23 19 min ago

All deposits and withdrawals are in bitcoins but displayed in U.S Dollars.
and these USD values fluctuates depending on the current BTC/USD floating rate, since bitcoin is pegged in USD.